this is reality. for real.

tis is real.
tis is what i feel about my life.


tis is for real
oke, lupakan topik crush sblom nie,
that is just side story.
hari ni ,,
a lot of things happen.

i'll tell u something,
you really need friends in life.

but for me, 
klau kawan yg buat kau stress baik x payah
there are two types of friends.
yg menjahanamkn, n yg menaikkan

choose one.

of coz la sume org nk yg menaikkn,
tapi brape kerat je seluruh malaysia yg ad pon??

yg at sekeliling aku nie pon dah buat ak naik gila
i admit. im not that good.
but still, i consider about people's feeling.
i do care much about my friends.
because i know, i will always need them.
when u stay really far apart from ur parents.

but since the first day i enter tis matriculation program,
mcm2 sorts of people yg kita boley tgk,
kdang2 yg gedik tu la yg baik
yg baik tu pulak, mengada lebih,
tak boley tgk org lebih dari dia.

nak buat acano kan?
nama pon human.

life is not always rainbow.
its like wheel.
u dont always stay on top.
u'll get down. and the one who cause it 
no one know,,

your friends?

Tengs for reading Peeps :)

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